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Hello, I’ve been posting information on Facebook for the last two years and have finally got round to organising a website. The site contains much of the same information and material as my Facebook site but I’m aware not everyone does Facebook and that the information there is often hard to access other than by labouriously scrolling down. The information here is far better organised and more extensive.

There’s a contact page if you’d like to email me. Do let me know your thoughts on the site and any suggestions.

2 days ago

Henry Normal

American writer Don Marquis said

Publishing a volume of verse is like dropping a rose-petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo.
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3 days ago

Henry Normal


Love your inner loser
Be a winner refuser
a short-comings chooser
not a imperfection excuser

Say no to ego playing the victim
contradict him, be strict and evict him
he's only how you've picked
to depict him

Don't veil your pale allure
Nail your failure for sure
Pray it prevails e'er more
ne'er to procure your fairy tale cure

All also-rans lord your lacking
sack attacking your achievement slacking
make mistakes with no back tracking
guilt and regret can both get packing

Never retreat from being beat
never bleat about the balance sheet
Each set back you meet is sweet
life without defeat is incomplete

Celebrate this lack of success
Mess in Progress - no stress
To being human let's confess
am I a fuck up - Hell yes


(Please share to those who might care to hear)
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4 days ago

Henry Normal


Fresh, ring or chunk
never debunk

This tropical delicacy
once incited jealousy

and adorned the plate
of Catherine the Great

A fruit with which to be reckoned
thought Charles the second

Brought to Europe by Columbus
At court it caused quite a fuss

The 4th Earl of Dunmore
built a temple in its honour

Sir Christopher Wren
put one of them

on St Paul's south tower
such was the pineapple's power

It's allure still lingers
as a sign for swingers

Upside down in your trolley
says you're up for a jolly

put one at your door
no need to say more

Ironically it's used to tenderise meat
and make seminal fluid sweet

Ananas comosus
from all the best grocers

A fruit of repute
without dispute

The perfect sight
with Angel Delight

and a polite invite
for an interesting night
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6 days ago

Henry Normal


She came home one day and he'd gone
In his favourite chair he'd left a yoghurt
Unaccustomed to change
she lived with the yoghurt for three years
It never moved from the chair
They slept apart
She often wondered if there was someone else
It never ate what she served up
It ignored relatives
She would often have to hoover round it
Her sister in law told her she was barmy
to stick it out this long
But she knew that marriage was something you had to work at
She went to marriage guidance on her own
until they said they could do nothing further
if the yoghurt didn't accompany her on
the next visit
Eventually she packed her bags and left
It was a hard decision
You can't live with a yoghurt for three years
without it leaving its mark on your life
She had some fond memories though
of those early days,
and kept a photo of the yoghurt amongst her letters.


Join us for an evening of 'Love Poems' to celebrate ValentinesDay featuring six leading Brighton poets - Mary Allen, Henry Normal, Catherine Smith, Robert Hamberger, Maria Jebstrezka, and John McCullough.

Phoenix Art Space 14th Feb. Start 6pm Tickets £5
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