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Hello, I’ve been posting information on Facebook for the last two years and have finally got round to organising a website. The site contains much of the same information and material as my Facebook site but I’m aware not everyone does Facebook and that the information there is often hard to access other than by labouriously scrolling down. The information here is far better organised and more extensive.

There’s a contact page if you’d like to email me. Do let me know your thoughts on the site and any suggestions.

Here's a Ted Talk recommended by my friend and fellow poet Pete Ramskill. ... See MoreSee Less

How to talk — and listen — to anyone, from Celeste Headlee:

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Thank you to everyone who asked about the end poem in 'A Normal Love'. Here it is in it's final form. I've been working on it for over a year. It'll be included in my next poetry collection 'This Phantom Breath' out in June from Flapjack Press. I have 3 books of poetry out at the moment 'Staring Directly at the Eclipse', 'Raining Upwards' and 'Travelling Second Class through Hope'. My new book 'A Normal Family' out 22nd March from Two Roads includes poems as well as photos and 80.000 words from Angela and myself about bringing up Johnny.


You lower your eyes at the mention of beauty
as though this is for others

You subtract from perfection
as though a problem of mathematics

but it is only in the difference
that the individual is perceived

It is only imperfection
that saves us

It is easy to mistake beauty for an ideal
a construct of the mind
or something to be laid on a table
and examined

but in a greater truth
beauty is merely an emotion
and in the glass at night
you understand as well as I
that emotion is love

Don't think I don't know you are already turning away
as though this doesn't apply to you

I've come to believe all beauty is love
and all life is beauty

and I am talking to you in particular

If I could
I would convince you
that you are life and this is all you need to be
that you can allow yourself this respect
that you can allow yourself imperfection

that you are love
that you are beauty
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A huge thank you to the Radio Times for such a great review. I might listen myself now. My wife has asked me to point out she read the closing credits spot on first take. (Although the Radio Times failed to mention that). ... See MoreSee Less

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